McHutchison and Vaughan’s Horticulture

How McHutchison and Vaughan’s Horticulture utilized GPN’s false cover and print advertising placements to draw attention to their search to fill job openings.


McHutchison and Vaughan’s Horticulture were looking to grow their team in 2020 to continue to deliver the best solutions for North American growers and nursery growers. Though 2020 had created a world climate of change and uncertainty in many areas, McHutchison and Vaughn’s teams were confident and growing – looking for talented people to join them and become part of their launch into the future.

Advertising with GPN

The ‘Face it’ ad, which ran in the June 2020 edition of Greenhouse Product News, was developed to take advantage of GPN’s false cover opportunity to draw maximum attention to this message. The full cover of team members’ smiling faces draws the readers in, with a strong, confident, engaging message of “Face it. We want you with us. We’re hiring.”– a clear, direct invitation that entices readers to turn the page to learn more.

There is then a clear impression of confidence – solid deep green – a color chosen that expresses the idea of growth, minimal copy that clearly displays the messages such as:

  • These are great teams – and we want you to join us
  • We are confident of our path, we have innovative programs, new ideas and sound leadership
  • You can feel secure with us – we have your back

The ad was capped off with a clear call to action: “Reach out today, and


  • This ad drew multiple calls and contacts and the companies received a number of qualified resumes as a result.
  • The ad was created as part of a campaign, which also included a follow up press release and photo gallery in November highlighting 12 new team members as part of this growth.
  • Weekly social media postings on McHutchison’s and Vaughan’s Facebook pages round out this campaign with a new person highlighted each week. The social media posts help to expand the reach, support the of generating “buzz’ and they create a measurement opportunity by way of tracking engagement.

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