Exclusive E-blasts

Enhance your email marketing experience with GPN!

Enjoy exclusive email access to floriculture professionals with purchasing authority with Greenhouse Product News’ exclusive e-blast programs.

  • Exclusive E-blast campaigns can be used for:
    • Launching a new technology or service
    • Breaking company announcements
    • Invitations to visit your trade show booth
    • Promotion of webcasts
    • Increasing brand recognition
    • Generating leads
    • Driving web traffic

Exclusive e-blast packages available starting at $2,500

And with our exclusive E-blast Enhancement program, you can maximize the reach of your exclusive e-blast and get direct leads. Opportunities include:

  • A dedicated email resent to those who didn’t open the first send (starting at $299)
  • Receive a comprehensive list of those who opened/interacted with e-blast (starting at $999)



  • Dimensions: Not to exceed 600 pixels wide
  • Accepted format: HTML file
  • Maximum file size: 200 KB
  • Advertiser must host images
  • Advertiser provides subject line
  • Signed email distribution agreement and current opt-out list are required prior to deployment

HTML Specifications

  • HTML must be provided as a .txt file, uploaded via our uploader site. Your subject line, send time, email addresses for proofing and other details also are collected on this form.
  • Advertiser’s name, address and phone and fax number must be included in the HTML file.
  • Keep HTML code as clean as possible.
  • Include plain text versions (for users without HTML support)
  • Do not include complex CSS — this is rendered differently by email applications and some have poor support, resulting in display issues.
  • Test your HTML code in multiple email clients (Outlook, Yahoo and Gmail) to ensure correct delivery.
  • All CSS must be embedded in the HTML code.
  • Characters (apostrophes, quotation marks, em/en dashes, etc.) should be coded properly.

Note: Submitted HTMLs should be designed to minimize deliverability issues. Great American Media Services will notify you if revisions are required.