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Cannabis Product News provides access to the freshest insights on cultivation supplies, equipment, software, packaging, shipping, and distribution solutions. Enhance your brand marketing to an engaged community of over 4,200 dedicated subscribers across newsletters and social media platforms, while our dedicated Cannabis channel on garners a staggering 17,000 pageviews. Elevate your products visibility and influence in the ever-evolving landscape of cannabis with Cannabis Product News.

Print Opportunities

The Guide to Cannabis Production, brought to you by GPN, is tailored to cater to the needs of growers, which offers unparalleled insights and product information to conquer the dynamic cannabis market. Set to be mailed as a compelling supplement within the November/December edition of GPN, your brand’s message will resonate with over 19,000 growers across the nation, providing a continuous year-round resource. As a testament to its significance, this special guide will also be vigorously promoted through strategic email campaigns and impactful social media outreach throughout the year. 

Seize the opportunity to showcase your offerings in “The Guide to Cannabis Production” and make an indelible mark in the thriving cannabis industry.

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Advertising Sales