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Greenhouse Product News (GPN) is a celebrated and renowned brand that consistently provides essential insights and information to help commercial greenhouse controlled environment growers achieve success. Published to over 39,000 print and digital readers, GPN is a 24/7, 365 on-demand digital resource that features a bold, fresh look and is packed with the latest insights, products, perspectives and more.

GPN readers discover:

  • In-depth features designed to provide the insight and knowledge necessary to maintain and build successful growing operations
  • The latest products to ensure growers are on the cutting edge of technology and informed of new solutions
  • Regular features on crop culture, plant health management, CEA, technology, 40 Under 40 perspectives, and more.
Special coverage includes:
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"It gives me the newest and best products to grow or buy."

- GPN Subscriber Verbatim - September Issue, Signet AdStudy®

"Not only do I get new ideas for plants and combos to grow the next year but I also like to leave it on the break room table for my staff to flip through."

- GPN Subscriber Verbatim - September Issue, Signet AdStudy®

"GPN provides me an enormous amount of product information in one source allowing a go to periodical rather than searching too many internet sites, which isn't time wise."

- GPN Subscriber Verbatim - September Issue, Signet AdStudy®

"It helps to know the changes and new technology that is developed and improved in this vast industry and how we smaller groups can adjust or benefit from some of the new developed techniques."

- GPN Subscriber Verbatim - September Issue, Signet AdStudy®