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GPN’s Weekly newsletter is the hottest digital platform! This popular e-blast is sent each Monday and has open rates averaging 39%. Your high-visibility ad is prominently placed among must-read news items. Plus, it comes with exclusive detailed metric and engagement reports. Also shared via social media. Limited spaces available.

  • Delivered each week to 12,000+ floriculture professionals
  • Allows readers to keep up-to-date on the latest industry news and advancements
  • News items include headline, abstract and a link to the full text news item online
  • Each issue shared with 6,500+ social media followers

Ad Specifications:

  • Leaderboard: 600 x 90 px
  • Half Page Unit Ad: 300 x 600 px
  • Medium Rectangle: 300 x 250px
  • Sponsored Text Ads:
    • 1 image: 150 x 200px; 300 dpi
    • 5- 10- word title
    • Up to 40- word description
    • Website URL
  • Featured Video
    • 2- 5- word title
    • 1-2 sentences (or 10- 20- word) description
    • URL: Link to video on youtube page
    • Video screenshot: 600px wide and length of the video screen. (Optional; we can create if not supplied)
  • For all Images/Ads:
    • Accepted formats: JPG, GIF, animated GIF (if animated GIF, maximum of four loops)
    • Maximum file size: 40 KB

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