Reader Service

Engage Readers, Drive Website Traffic, Improve ROI

Reader service is an excellent way to generate leads from your print advertising investments — engaging readers, driving website traffic and helping improve ROI.

How It Works

  • Unique Reader Service numbers are added to your print advertisement
  • Readers circle the numbers on the “Free Product Information” card in each issue.
    • Readers can also visit the Free Product Information portal on to request information or visit your website
  • We send you all leads weekly to the email address specified

Tips for Success

  • Be sure your sales representative and client success representative has the correct email address for this service and
    alert them to any email address changes
  • Add ‘’ to your internal contact’s approved senders list to ensure leads arrive successfully
  • Follow up with these highly qualified leads quickly and with the specific information requested
  • Turn their request into repeat business by sending them a catalog and adding them to your mailing and email lists